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I really liked that Greg Wolfe comment, too.

That "We Are the 99%" business really bugs me. It's like NOW speaking for all women.


Me too. Artur Davis, who should be our governor now instead of the sanctimonious and not excessively honest Bentley, said something a few days ago about this that I liked: that it puts a well-to-do accountant who took out an ill-advised mortgage that's now under water in the same category as a seriously poor family.

I like the Greg Wolfe comment too. But OTOH, I am not the least bit complicit for the financial meltdown of a few years back.

It's a good point that 99% puts too many people in the same boat. "You are the stinking 1% who got filthy rich crippling the economy for everyone else and are still filthy while the rest of us struggle" would be more accurate but it makes a lousy slogan.

Yeah, I think the "complicit" part is meant more broadly than that, or at any rate I took it that way. For that matter, I took the whole thing that way--more a comment on original sin than any specific problem.

Yeah, I heard that bit in it too. That's the part I liked.

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