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I used to love you most for your Christmas selections from Steeleye Span. Then I bought the CD, so it was curtains Horton :)

Hmm, maybe I can lure you back with the Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band Christmas album...

I always used them for my desktop at work during Advent.


And I second Francesca's comment.

I also realized while I was cleaning the bathroom floor the other day that you didn't mention All Hallow's Eve this year.


That's not a bad reason to love you

Indeed not! Though the pictures were taken by my wife.

Yes, Janet, I just didn't have time to think about it, still less to find some interesting passage in the novel to quote.

Yes but you posted them!

Check this out:



Wow! That was a long address.


Ha. When I first posted this, there were 54 and now 64.



Yeah, Louise, I do get credit for recognizing her genius.

Will it help if I say I first saw that picture here--or there, in the old platform? (Because I did start to see it in Google much later).

You have plenty more than candles going for you, Sir!!! :-)

Aw shucks, thank you.

I am about to leave to go watch the Iron Bowl at my brother-in-law's house, may not be online again till tomorrow.

I picked this up on FB. I would say it 'generates a lot of good' :)


You need to click on the arrow to get the song

Network at work is very saturated this afternoon and I can't get it to play. I'll try it later at home.

It's great! I just shared it on fb, too.

Guilty as charged! Thanks though! Anyway, I'll add you to the blogs I follow ;)

Heh heh! You got me there! It is a lovely photo, though. I don't suppose you would give me permission to use it on my blog?

Oh, wait. I just read the bit where you say people are welcome to use it so long as they reference where they got it. Will do!
Many thanks!

You're very welcome to use it. It would be nice if you gave credit, but in any case my wife (who took the pictures) is happy that they're spreading around the world this way.

I am pleased to learn that there are still English villages and countryside. Over here we (or at least I) get the idea from the news that the whole of England (and Scotland) is now a cityscape of falling-down-drunks and wild-eyed Islamists.

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