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I never thought before about imagining that you didn't know what was going to happen on Good Friday. That is a great idea, and now I have to wait almost a whole year to try it. At least Easter is really early next year.


That's funny, I always think something more or less along those lines.

That reminds me, I meant to include in that post this link to the Anglican effort.

I can't remember if I mentioned that my parish is St. Gregory the Great. If this effort gets off the ground, I ought to ask them to pray for our parish.


I definitely would have spent Good Friday having a narcissistic self-pity attack.

That's wonderful news about the Ordinariate coming to a place near you!

Don't worry, Mac. It is bound to come to a bad end. :^)

Only kidding, that is great news; I have always felt bad for you and others who endure a banal liturgy. It should be evident from the beauty of worship that God is present; it shouldn't require an act of faith that despite the ugliness in your face that something beautiful is going on!

Heh. Yes, I'm sure you're right.:-/

Naturally I agree that it shouldn't require an act of faith, but I had really, truly accepted it, so it's interesting that this should come along now. But then when I say "it" I don't mean anything really appalling. Our parish is not so bad, really, as these things go. I've seen much worse.

"I definitely would have spent Good Friday having a narcissistic self-pity attack." Exactly.

No, I didn't know your parish was St G the G, Janet. How interesting. I didn't know until I read it on the web site why an Anglican parish would be named that. I'll pray for y'all Sunday afternoon.

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