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Is this a dialogue?


You mean The Hammond Song? I've always thought so, although most of it is from the "you're on the wrong track" speaker. I've always imagined it to be mother and daughter.

Becca learned a song when she was really little, I guess from Mother's Day Out because she never went to school.

Four little ducks went out one day,
Over the hill and far away,
Mother Duck said, "Quack, quack, quack, quack,"
But only three little ducks came back.

And, of course, it went on to the point that no little ducks came back. Thankfully, they all come back in the last verse.

It used to just tear me up because that was pretty much what was happening in my home. But now their all home--not actually AT home, thank goodness--but everybody happy together.


Oh yeah, I can imagine that little song would have been very difficult to handle at certain points.

I can;t say I'm really familiar with Fripp's work apart from him playing guitar on Brian Eno's albums. I don't even know the "Fripp & Eno" music. But I was always impressed by Fripp's work on Eno's songs. Here is a great song, with guitar playing by Fripp that always impressed me. "Frantic fluidity" is the phrase that comes to mind when I hear it now.


A great example--that would have been a good one to include in the post. I have that album but hadn't heard it for some time and didn't remember this. I was disappointed at first that it was pop songs, not ambient like Music for Airports, so it took me a bit to appreciate it.

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