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Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.


Yep. I originally wrote half of this a week or so ago but didn't have time to finish it till yesterday. Appropriate.


The activities of Leiter and the ACLU would be of no consequence if

1. The judiciary were not episodically in league with them and

2. The legislature ever had the stones to discipline the judiciary.


They're into coercion because they have the mentality of lawyers and school administrators, for whom everyone else is their subject and expected to defer to them. They need to be disabused of this notion, and if it's messy, it's messy.


The Civil Rights Commission is not a regulatory agency. It runs inquiries. They cannot enforce anything. As long ago as 1984, Martin Peretz offered it was a pointless agency and should be abolished. Congress hardly ever gets around to such things unless there's candy in it for someone's clientele.

As for the NCAA, you have two explanations:

1. They're hollow men who cave in to media generated s***storms; or

2. They're hollow men and just absorb what is conventional among their circle of acquaintances. As of now, it's fashionable among fancy people to have a cloying deference for homosexual men and other deviants. That defines in-groups and out-groups.

Well, yes, and the NCAA probably full of people who have been involved with higher ed administration, so they would be natives, so to speak. But I find it just a little surprising that sports journalists would be so eager to get on the bandwagon. I'd have thought it would be more Curt Schilling and less...what's his name...Keith Olbermann. Perhaps there's some sort of compensation at work in some sports journalists--all the other kids think we're stupid jocks so we have to prove we're smart i.e. progressive.

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