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Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

You're welcome. I was happy to discover a song I wasn't really familiar with that turned out to be great.

One person nominated, instead of a song, the whole Planet Waves album. Kinda dubious that I'll have the same experience there, if I ever give it a try.

I like Senor, and a few other songs on Street Legal. But Im unrepentent!

Ha. At first I didn't know what you meant, then I remembered there were two people who voted for Planet Waves. I guess I was so shocked by the first that the second didn't sink in. :-)

Anyway, don't worry, I'm not judgmental.

Well, not too.

This is one of the rare cases where there is a cover version that I prefer to Dylan's original. Tim O'Brien.

That's good, though I like the Willie Nelson/Calexico one better. The arrangement on Street Legal is sort of dull (at best).

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