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I'm glad you were finally able to read it. It's a much more approachable book than The Beauty of the Infinite.

Currently rereading it (I read it when it first came out). It's a very good book -- quite inspiring.

I'll probably read it again at some point.

"much more approachable"--no kidding. BotI seems to be written in some sort of jargon. Is it post-modern-ese? My academic education stopped in the mid-1970s.

I also posted a link to your review on Facebook, in hopes that some of my skeptical friends might read it--the review at least, if not the book.

That's great. I put quite a lot of work into that particular review, and I think it came out reasonably well. I'm happy if people read it.

You did an excellent job. I kind of doubt that any of the people I have in mind will read it, I'm sorry to say. Oh well.

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