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First album review written by someone else that I actually own. I was listening just the other day, and it is a very good one, and also the two after that you mention. I think Davies (Ray, not Dave) has a new album coming out titled Americana. Wonder if that might be worth a listen? Like all of these guys from back then, he is a little long in the tooth these days. God bless The Kinks!

The Beatles by Janet is the only one I know so far.

I guess you're a little too young to have heard this when you were growing up. I don't know about others but I'm deliberately picking albums that I think are not as well known as they should be.

That's an amazing coincidence, Stu. The Kinks for me are one of those '60s bands that I lost interest in after the early '70s, so I haven't heard much of their stuff since then. I would love it if Ray Davies made a great album at age 72 or whatever he is now but I won't be holding my breath.

"Waterloo Sunset" is a classic, a standard. I must have heard it dozens of times, if not hundreds. The rest of the album was unknown to me.

Somewhere in the stuff I was reading on Wikipedia there was mention of "Waterloo Sunset" having been a hit in the UK but I didn't realize it was that big and had become a classic. If you like it, you'd probably enjoy this album, though like I said I think this is the best thing on it.

I heard all the Beatles and Rolling Stones and Otis Redding records as they came out in my mother's shop in Greenwich Village. But it looks like they never played The Kinks.

Of course I have heard Waterloo Sunset. But I have never heard of this album.

I’ve seen some comparisons of “Waterloo Sunset” and “Penny Lane” with the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows”. The music, not the lyrics. I just listened to all three and I think I hear it, but I’m a musical illiterate and can’t say why that’s so.

So "Waterloo Sunset" is like the "Free Bird" of England? :-) :-) :-)

I think that's beyond me, too, Marianne.

Like, if you are playing your guitar before a big crowd they are sure to yell out, "Play Freebird!"

I know the hits (Waterloo Sunset, David Watts, Death of a Clown) but not the rest of the album. I listened to it at work today (to the extent I could) and enjoyed it quite a bit. I do prefer The Village Green Preservation Society, which was my gateway to the Kinks. I'm 48, and growing up I had always been aware of them and sort of liked them but never really paid attention. About 5 years ago I saw a link to "The Village Green Preservation Society" (I think it was on the Western Confucian blog). I loved the song bought the album. The a greatest hits. Then a few other albums - Give the People What They Want, Low Budget, Schoolboys in Disgrace, Muswell Hillbillies.

I think of the Kinks as one of my favorite bands based on what I know but they have a lot of music I don't know. Thanks for the nudge to listen to some more.

Having already said that there's a lot of their music I don't know, I doubt there can be any album better than Muswell Hillbillies. :)

I hesrd Kate Rusby sing The Village Green Preservation Society. I did not know its a Kinks song

I like the Kate Rusby cover, though I prefer the original. Maybe that's because I know that the original is the original.

If I had had to hazard a guess, I would have hazarded that 'Waterloo Sunset' was not by a group but by one of those early 70s singer-song writers like the chap who sang 'Streets of London'. Apparently this would have been an error.

For me to have noticed a record, the shopgirls would have had to play it, or my mother, or my brother, or by the time I was 14 or 15, it would have to be mentioned in NME (New Musical Express)

Yes, that would have been an error. The Kinks were one of the bigger names in the British Invasion, just below the Beatles and Stones, with more lasting appeal (and presumably talent) than those like the Dave Clark Five that faded pretty quickly.

If you were in the U.S. in 1971 or so you, surely you heard "Lola"? It was a big radio hit.

I heard Muswell Hillbillies a few times when it came out. I was working in a record store and we played it in the store some. I wasn't that taken with it. Probably should give it another try. Like so many things.

"Free Bird" btw for those who don't know is a Lynnrd Skynnrd song that's sort of a redneck anthem. It's almost a joke now to call for it whenever there's a band playing and people are drinking. There are probably a hundred copies of it on YouTube.

My family came here in 1963. By 1970 my parents had sent my brother and I back to England, to boarding schools. To Serve them (etc) was a nostalgia fest for me. In myboarding school we were aware of Top of the Pops (though we could not watch in the junior house) and some LPs

My brother and me. He was the musical one so it must be his dereliction if I lnow nothing of a record

Yep, he was falling down on the job if he failed to introduce you to the Kinks.

Thank you for noting "My brother and me". :-)

I've occasionally thought that this blog should be called the village green preservation society....

Lola was still a big deal when I was a kid in the 70s/80s. That's also a super fantastic album - Lola Versus Powerman something or other.

I wasn't very enthusiastic about it. I bought it when it came out, listened to it a few times, and I don't think I've listened to it since. If I gave it another chance it might be like a lot of albums of that time were for me--not as good as the artist's best, but pretty good if you can get over that expectation.

That would be a good name for a blog. In fact I bet there is one, or some kind of web site.

Yep. It's about...New Jersey?

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