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I haven't heard this for a long time. I remember thinking that the best tracks were outstanding but others not so interesting. So I guess that puts me a bit into the makes-you-grumpy category.

There is indeed a change in her voice between Sweet Old World and Car Wheels, and that brings me to a gripe: in what I've heard of her stuff since Car Wheels--she's taken that slurred, drawled style to a point where it irritates me. I was listening to the samples of Ghosts of Highway 20 and thinking the songs sounded good but I wasn't sure I could enjoy her singing very much. I'm not sure how to describe it...like her tongue isn't working right or something.

She may spend more time actively drunk now than before, Mac. Just kidding, I know nothing about her and alcohol!

She sure sounds like that could be it. There is another singer who does that sometimes, what's-her-name with Over The Rhine. It kind of ruins some of their songs for me.

I never heard of her, but it sounds good.

It is.

Now not just quite but very grumpy! Most regrettable.

Back when this came out almost 20 years ago (!) I was listening to a lot of "alt country" and Americana, and this was a fave. For some reason it hasn't stood the test of time for me as well as some of the others from that period, however. Maybe it's just be that my tastes have changed.

Absolutely agree though that the playing is top notch and the recording is outstanding. I'm pretty sure the album won a Grammy in some category or other.

Her bluesy, tipsy sound makes me think of Billie Holiday as she might have done country.

Maybe that's where the slurring is coming from. Here's the title song from Ghosts of Highway 20. I like the song. Maybe I'll get used to the vocal oddities.


I listened to the first four songs on the way to and from the grocery store. They're great. "2Kool 2B 4gotten" especially. Brings back powerful memories of adolescence.

Those who like Lucinda may want to check out Angel Olsen's album My Woman. Her voice isn't the same, but the music is somewhat similar, except that it's got a bit of a 60's Phil Spector-ish vibe.

I had never heard of her before but last week I was in a cool little brewpub that A) has very good beer, B) has no TV's, and C) has an owner/operator who plays vinyl records in lieu of a jukebox or piped-in music. He'll put an album on and just let a whole side play. Anyways, he put this album on and I really liked it -- had to ask him who it was. We ended up having a nice conversation about the resurgence of vinyl.

I don't like every single song on the album, but the ones that are good are outstanding.

I've been seeing that listed on the Most Popular lists at eMusic. Have to check it out. I think I may get Williams's Ghosts of Highway 20. I'm getting used to her current vocal style.

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