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Making an issue out of who a person eats with? I suppose some people really do believe that "the personal is political"!

I think I might have started Sheed's Theology for Beginners myself, but put it aside and haven't gone back to it. If it's the book I'm thinking of, it has quite a daunting set of reading lists for "beginners". The sort of thing an undergraduate might baulk at.

I think you're remembering a different book. I don't see a reading list here.

"The personal is the political" is definitely said in deadly earnest by some people. Or at least used to be. I don't know whether the slogan itself is still in use but the attitude is still with us.

It was certainly true of Henry VIII. Not sure how much more broadly applicable it is.

I think it was originally (in the '70s, maybe?) a feminist rejoinder to the male complaint that "you take things too personally." A husband not doing his share of the housework was a manifestation of the whole oppressive patriarchal structure etc.

It has more of a history than I realized:


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