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Glad to see that both Hinterland and Shetland have some new episodes. I kind of gave up on Endeavour awhile ago, though.

I watched a very good series from France last week, The Disappearance, about a teenage girl who goes missing from a music festival on her birthday. Although I didn't find the mystery element in this one quite as gripping as in some of the others we've discussed, the overall quality is excellent. And the actors who play the girl's parents are outstanding, esp. the father.

Im not getting the analogy here. How was Obama like Constantine or Trump like Julian the Apostate?

I've been getting trailers for 'The Disappearance' on my various feeds. I also get trailers for it watching Netflix and HBO.
I think I will watch it.

If anyone hasn't seen it, Get Out is an enjoyable movie I watched last week.

Haven't heard of either Get Out or The Disappearance. I need to quit watching all these detective things and get back to some actual movies. It's just soconvenient to watch things that come in 45-60 minute pieces(mostly--Hinterland is 90).

The analogy is that Obama established progressivism as the religion of the state, and Trump is a last gasp attempt at reversal, which will probably fail. Not an exact analogy of course since there is no official establishment, but it's a pregnant thought.

I like the characters in Endeavour, and all the connections with Morse. But if last night's episode is the shape of what's to come...ugh.

Aside from the fact that it featured a walking cliche of a nasty Christian as a major character . . .

It's gotten so bad that I really do wonder if TV writers, especially in the UK, have a check-off list for their scripts that includes a box labeled "at least one crazy/evil Christian character".

The funny thing is that just a few days ago I had been thinking that they were getting better about that. Can't remember what had prompted that thought. Then came this. Couldn't have been more heavy-handed if they'd had her curse somebody's little dog. The BBC does apparently have something close to a check-off for homosexual characters and sympathy. That was part of the stick used to beat the lady in this story.

I generally watch a movie on the weekend, when it's easier for me to block out the time. I watch mini-series episodes on weeknights so I can stop at one if necessary. I almost never binge watch and I usually will not start watching a movie that I don't think I'll be able to finish, either due to time constraints or tiredness.

I'm currently rewatching River. Knowing the plot ahead of time has allowed me to pay more attention to the acting and the directing. Stellan Skarsgard is just brilliant in it.

I rarely re-watch that kind of show but River might be worth it.

At the moment I'm planning to watch John Huston's adaptation of Wise Blood this weekend. As I mentioned to you yesterday it's been sitting forgotten on my DVR for a while.

Also formulating a plan for watching Tarkovsky's Stalker, which I doubt I want to do in one sitting.

Oh no, I just remembered Alabama's first game of the season is Saturday night, which is when I would have watched WB. Have to come up with a different plan....

"I rarely re-watch that kind of show but River might be worth it."

I'll watch the 'really' good ones again, but usually only after a fair amount of time has gone by, at least several years generally speaking. River was a little different in that it was shorter than most of those series, and also was more character- than plot-driven.

"Also formulating a plan for watching Tarkovsky's Stalker, which I doubt I want to do in one sitting."

That one may actually have an intermission.

Not sure now that I'm going to be able to get it. Netflix says "very long wait" which sometimes means "never".

You could try your library or interlibrary loan. I get a lot of movies that way.

Filmstruck has a bunch of Tarkovsky movies, including Stalker. I just watched a short film by him, The Steamroller and the Violin which I really liked. Don't worry, the steamroller and the violin don't have a bad relationship.


That's reassuring. Naturally my first thought on reading that title was "perverts!"

Stalker is only available if you have the Criterion option and I only have the basic subscription. They rotate stuff in and out of that level and it was in for a while, but now I've missed it. I'm thinking about dropping our Filmstruck subscription, actually, as we haven't used it much at all. First that was because they didn't support Roku, then...inertia or too many crime dramas or something....

Our library's collection doesn't get much out of the mainstream.

Oh, well I never considered not having the Criterion option because that's why I have Filmstruck. There are hundreds of movies on there that I want to watch.

And then, you know I have renounced the dark and gritty, so that pretty much does it for British crime dramas.

The other night though, I saw that there were new episodes of Endeavour and I watched the first one before I remembered it was dark and gritty. ;-)

From what you say, I think I'll let Bill watch the second one after I go to bed, although it will probably put him off Endeavour for life.


It may very well. I suppose I've gotten too accustomed to the dark and gritty, as the first Endeavour didn't strike me as being so very much that way. The second episode is not really that way at all (though I guess standards vary), it's just stupid. And obnoxious.

I was a little annoyed when I discovered that Filmstruck was a two-tier thing. And since it didn't have Roku support at first I definitely didn't want to pay more. Now...I don't know...I may try it.

Well, if it wasn't for Bill, and I had to choose between Netflix and Filmstruck, I would definitely choose Filmstruck, but then there is Bill, so I have both. I may quit getting DVDs from Netflix though.


I don't think I'd want only Filmstruck, and the reason is not an especially good one: at least half the time, probably more, when I want to watch something I want it to be fairly undemanding. I'm sure you can find that on Filmstruck but that's not what it's mainly about.

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