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I lived in Seattle back in 1995-96 and it is true, you can only find 40 watt bulbs for sale there! :)

Actually, thought it does rain and mist constantly it is a wonderful place to be, and when the sun does come out it is glorious. When you can suddenly see Mt. Rainier it is beyond glorious!

On the other hand: grunge. :-)

Did you say "Rainier" as in "it's rainier today than yesterday", or "Reneer," rhyming with "veneer"? I had always heard the latter but in this series they said the former.

It is pronounced reneer.
Grunge, ha! I guess the weather probably did have something to do with that music.

I wonder why they said it wrong in the series. Maybe it was actually shot elsewhere and nobody knew it was wrong.

I just looked it up and they filmed in Vancouver which is almost always where they film Seattle movies and TV, so I'm sure they know how to correctly say Rainier. It must have been a conscious decision by the people in charge. Rain-ier does sound funny due to the constant rain.

I thought that might be the case (filmed in Vancouver). They did have scene-setting shots that included, for instance, the Space Needle, but I guess they just had somebody fly over in a helicopter and get a bunch of those.

Maybe it's an in-joke among some Seattle residents to pronounce it that way?

" portrayals of Christians and Christianity have tended recently to be more interesting"

As soon as I read that, I though, "X-Files."
I'm pretty sure that's the same episode where a man is telling Mulder that the devil is mad because they weren't doing their rituals in the right way or in the right spirit or something and Mulder says, "Oh, you mean like using grape juice for Communion?"

I have been noticing that same trend in TV series that I've been watching. One, Suits in which a man without a law degree has been practicing law with a big firm. He goes to the parish where he grew up and talks to the priest and repents, I mean really repents to the point of having to go to jail. It gets kind of murky after that but the fact that that is in there at all is notable.

And then Broadchurch. The whole first series I kept waiting for the priest to be a bad guy, and he turns out to be a really good guy.


That picture is quite beautiful.

A couple of weeks ago I was driving through the river bottoms where there are frequently large groups of great white herons and a few great blues, and instead there were birds that looked like great whites, but about halfway down, their wings were black. They were very beautiful rising from the water and rather ominous. They reminded me of white funeral cards with black borders. When I found pictures of them online I saw that their heads are very ugly and creepy.

They really don't belong in our area but I think they may have been forced off-course by the hurricanes.


We have a lot of great blues but not very many whites. Those others you describe do sound a little ominous.

Yes, Broadchurch is a perfect example. I don't remember anything else about that X-Files episode but it certainly could be the same one. I'd like to see it again. "like using grape juice"...heh.

Speaking of birds, today outside the window at work there were a bunch of Tom turkeys strutting around with tails fully fanned. They were about ten feet away. It was quite a sight. I wish I had had a camera.

Somehow big birds impress.

A while back here I kept hearing some very weird bird calls that proved to be from peacocks. Two of them were perched on a neighbor's house, then flew down and walked around in another neighbor's yard. I don't think there were any hens. I don't know where they came from. Never seen them before or since.

Visitation from MFOC.


Maybe so. I should have prayed to her.

I was coming back to say that maybe she was blessing your writing.


Robert, I wish you had had a camera.

Apparently in New England there are groups of wild turkeys going around terrorizing people. Sometimes they go to the door to ask for food. This sounds like a joke, but it's true.

When I first drove down to my house 16 years ago, about 5 vultures rose up out the ditch and flew in front of my car. I had had no idea how huge they are. I was thinking I would never be able to walk down the street, but so far no problem. ;-)

I won't lie down by the side of the road though.


Wise plan.

I got the Danish original of The Killing from amazon without any difficulty. I do have a multi-regional DVD player

Many years ago when I lived in California's San Joaquin Valley, I drove to work every morning past a farm that kept peacocks as watchdogs. Never heard such a racket as they made.


It never crossed my mind to buy it, Grumpy. My dvd collection contains Bergman, Fawlty Towers, and Dr. Who.

Do you watch the new Whos?


Not really. I saw a fair number of the David Tennant ones but very few since then. I'm actually not that big a fan. I have a sentimental attachment to the Tom Baker ones. The set I have was bought pre-Netflix-etc but post-Amazon, when mail-order dvds had just become an appealing alternative to whatever the local Blockbuster happened to stock. I was disappointed when it didn't include any Sarah Jane Smith episodes--just the less appealing Romana. No, I don't know why I didn't check first. I think I ordered it from Amazon with some soon-abandoned idea of collecting a lot of them.

Well, I watched all the David Tennant and Matt Smith ones, but the new guy was just ick. So I stopped after one and half, and now I'm out of the habit.

I have a friend who started collecting them as soon as they were out on VHS. He may have all there are to have.


I think the last one I watched was the first one after Matt Smith. It dragged in what struck me as a trendy lesbian angle and I didn't see any more.

The same guy, Steven Moffat, who's mainly responsible for Dr. Who is also mainly responsible for Sherlock, and they both suffer from the same annoying frantic quality and intricate but to my taste not all that engaging plots (not to mention implausible).

Well, there's a lesbian couple, one of which is a lizard, and they seem to have become a large part of the recent episodes, or so I have been told by one of my offspring.


Oh yeah, I'd forgotten the lizard angle. Seems like it was fundamentally just not that interesting a story. And the Doctor wasn't very engaging.

Oh, I liked Matt Smith, but then, he was the first one I saw.


This wasn't Matt Smith. Peter somebody, I seem to remember.

I read just recently that Mark Gatiss, who played Mycroft on Sherlock, is also a writer and has worked closely with Steven Moffat on both that show and Doctor Who, and that they're set to collaborate on a new Dracula series. Not sure I'll be able to watch that.

I thought the hip and glamorous vampire thing was over.

Exciting news about the book.

I've been meaning to see if I can find this anywhere, which surprised me in being made at all: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_(TV_series)

A friend in the UK saw it and said it was very good. He had some quibbles but liked it overall, and said that Sean Bean's performance as the priest is excellent.

Sounds promising. Bean is always impressive.

The opening song is Randy Newman sung by Nina Simone, and the closing one is Ray Davies. Good judgment there. :-)

You guys know that the new Doctor is the mom from Broadchurch, right?

No, I didn't know that. I just haven't had time to know anything lately.

Peter Capaldi. He's the one that made me quit watching.


He was one of the leads in season 2 of 'The Hour," which I just watched. He was very good but the role was a lot different, I presume. He's been in a ton of stuff.

I did know that about the new Doctor, because I have several Facebook friends who are Who enthusiasts. Lots of "IT'S ABOUT TIME!!" reactions.

Yeah, Peter Capaldi. I'm sure he's a good actor but that was not an appealing Doctor.

Finished Broadchurch 3 last night. While not up to the level of No. 1 (very few things are!) I thought it considerably better than No. 2 and well worth watching. It takes a little bit of time to bring the new story and the original one together, so despite the compelling nature of the new one, I thought that things grew even more so after the threads of the older story were woven in. The series is now complete, and I think that the ending was handled very well. It made me want to go back and watch the whole thing from the beginning, which says a lot.

I have to say that there is one sequence that is so perfectly done and so moving that it caused me actually to gasp out loud "Oh, no!" and basically to burst into tears. Now it's not uncommon for me to tear up a little during movies, but this is the first time I can recall ever having an actual "out loud" reaction like that.

I think in the interests of convenience I'll reply to this on the most recent SNJ where I mention Broadchurch 3.

yeah, looks like we cross-posted

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