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Who wrote this review, Mac?

Oops, forgot the credit. Thanks. It's fixed now.

Someone sent me several songs from this album on a mixtape back in the '80s. I liked them but not enough to seek out more. Not sure if these three were among them but I know "Charlotte Street" and "Heartbroken" were. I've been busy today and haven't had a chance to listen to these yet.

I'm sure Rob knows this, but others may not: Camera Obscura has a song amusingly called "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken."


I finally had a chance to just sit and listen to these three songs. I like them, especially the first. And yet--just as I liked the stuff I'd heard years ago from the same album (none of these three), I'm somehow unenthused, though there is nothing I don't like.

A fondness for Cole may have a "had to be there" aspect to it. Lots of stuff since 1984 sounds in one way or another like what he was doing, but at the time he was fairly unique.

I didn't remember his voice having that '80s New Wave croon quality (if you know what I mean--hard to describe). According to AllMusic he's since ventured into ambient electronica. That sounds interesting.

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