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Thanks for posting this, Mac.

Btw, I noticed that when I clicked on the clip it didn't start at the beginning for some reason -- must be some quirk in the link -- so if anyone's planning to listen to it you're going to want to make sure you run the clip back to start, if desired.

It's not doing that for me. It first shows the name of the orchestra briefly, then starts in rather abruptly with the soloist playing a long ascending run and the rest of the orchestra standing there. As far as I can tell that's the actual opening. It's what I get when I go to YouTube and search for the video. Odd.

I didn't have time to listen to it when I posted this, except for the first few minutes, which are very promising. I said I had a recording of this but I was mistaken. The only Vasks I have is a collection of shorter pieces. Which I blush to say I have not really listened to. I think it was an impulse discount purchase.

Yes, if you got the orchestra name that's the beginning. The piece does start with that long ascending solo run. When I clicked on it the first time this morning it started at the 7:00 mark for some reason, however. Like I said, probably just some glitch.

I've listened to it now and it is a beautiful piece. I also found that I do have it--it's just not on cd, but mp3, a recording by Katarina Andreasson and the Swedish Chamber Orchestra.

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