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They're a pretty hard-headed bunch. :-)

Grumpy, I was speaking only of converts coming into the Ordinariate(s). I'm sure the pattern is different if you're looking at converts in general. I'm in a semi-official Ordinariate group on Facebook and it's *really* high church--much discussion of liturgical arcana, etc.

Though in my experience, for what it's worth, a lot of evangelicals have a hard time even considering the Church as a possibility, it's so very foreign to them. All too many still don't accept that "Roman Catholicism" is Christian. Just going on personal observation, I wouldn't say that as a group they're more likely than high-churchers to convert. Some of that may be due to my being in the South. But again I'm not talking about those who would actually call themselves Anglo-Catholic.

Janet, it amuses me, in a malicious way, that they made up that story, and then got scolded for it by the very people they wanted to please.

There is that.


Thing in today's Guardian about The Crown going "way beyond the creative speculation we can reasonably expect from popular dramatisations, crossing the line into making up pure fiction about living people".

Best wishes for a happy New Year to all.

Happy New Year, y'all!

Happy New Year to y'all, too.

Thanks, Paul. I figured that Ghana stuff was embellished at least, and that the Kennedy stuff was mostly invented. The latter pretty much had to be, as it could only have been witnessed by the participants, and even if the story were true I doubt they would have told it.

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