Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Gator

I was not very pleased to see this when I walked the dogs this morning. The picture is not very good (my camera didn’t seem to be able to focus on anything in particular), so it may not be obvious that the horizontal object in the water is an alligator. He’s maybe thirty or forty yards (roughly the same number of meters) away. I estimate he was 5-7 feet (1.5-2 meters) long. Big enough to think my little dog looks like a good meal. I’ve never seen one this big this far south in the bay, and he is not welcome. If he’s looking for warmer water, he’s headed in the wrong direction (south, toward the Gulf of Mexico). (I see I’ve picked up my wife’s habit of referring to any wild creature, especially a disgusting or dangerous one, as “he,” but of course I have no idea what sex it actually is.)

And as luck would have it some of my cousins chose this moment to have a morning swim. I didn’t try to warn them. That side of the family doesn’t usually want to have much to do with me, and frankly they’re not real bright anyway, though surely they have enough sense to stay well away from an alligator.