After the Revolution I just posted the following in a comment on Dawn Eden's blog, and thought it worth repeating here. It's part of the continuing discussion of Dawn's book referred to below, and I'm replying to a commenter who signs himself (herself?) "Noumena":
Noumena refers to "Those of us who are the intellectual children of the sexual revolution..." Some of us are veterans of that revolution who looked at the resultant damage and decided that we had been on the wrong side, and are still trying to alert the rest of the world to what it was really all about. Maybe we're a little like ex-Communists, and I suppose we can be annoying that way. But I'd rather stand with Whittaker Chambers than Alger Hiss. Hell, come to that, if I have to, I'll stand with Joe McCarthy rather than Joe Stalin. Also there's: "you seem to be conflating the sexual revolution with the thoughtless and destructive 'mainstream' understanding of sexuality." Noumena, that is the revolution. The Playboy Mansion was the sexual revolution every bit as much as Woodstock was. The divorce rate is the sexual revolution. Omnipresent porn is the sexual revolution. The abortionist's trade is the very cornerstone of the sexual revolution. As Agent Mulder once said, "Did you think you could call up the devil and make him behave?"


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