Sunday Night Journal&mdash June 25, 2006

Comment changes This weekend (at the latest) I'm going to get rid of the Blogger comments link ("old blogger comments"), so the "comments" link, which uses the HaloScan commenting facility, will be the only one. Meanwhile, I'm disabling the Blogger comments link on any new posts, for the same reason I'm switching to HaloScan--Blogger comments don't appear until the blog is republished, so people leave comments and think they didn't actually post. So the "comments" link works, but the "old blogger comments" one takes you to a page that says comments have been disabled. Also, I've noticed on this as well as other blogs that use HaloScan, that the number of comments is not always accurate right away, even though the comment(s) will appear if you click on the link. Last night I moved the two comments on the preceding post to HaloScan, and it was 15 minutes or more before the count appeared correctly. I suppose this probably has something to do with cacheing on the HaloScan server.


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