St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross / Edith Stein
Music of the Week &mdash July 23, 2006

A Sort of Distance

I think Amy Welborn is spot on about the widespread sense among faithful Catholics that recent Vatican (including papal) statements on the situation in Lebanon (and other hot spots involving Islam) seem, well, not all that useful.

It is decidely painful for me to say such a thing about this pope, for whom I have vast respect, admiration, and love. But Amy sums up what's missing:

I think it is that in these statements, there seems to be a sort of distance from the reality raging around us. There is no direct engagement with the fundamental issues: the commitment to cripple the West and impose the radical, fundamentalist Islamist ideal in its stead. A total contempt for freedom and the intrinsic value of human life. And the determination and will to do this, by any means necessary.

In which "peace" means something different to those instigating the war than those defending themselves, in which there is no desire for co-existence or dialogue.

Read the whole thing, and intense discussion following.



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