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Music of the Week — August 27, 2006

Another Movie Rec: The Station Agent

Ok, my wife is two for two in picking movies just because they sound interesting that turn out to be very good. The one I mentioned a few days ago as being something about a dwarf living in a train station turned out to be a wonderful little movie called The Station Agent (link is to entry, which will give you a bit more info). I say "little" because it's low-key and modest in its ambitions, but one might say it's big on the inside. I'm not going to try to write a review--just see it. You won't be sorry. If nothing else, you'll see some stunningly beautiful photography of small-town New Jersey (apparently all of the state is not an urban-industrial wasteland, as those of us in other parts of the country tend to assume).

It's rated R, for no very good reason that I can see. I don't see why this is R and The Chorus is PG-13. It's not for children--it contains crude language and sexual references, and the characters smoke marijuana a couple of times. (Besides, it would bore children to tears.) But if you've seen some of the stuff that gets a PG-13 rating these days, you'll be as baffled as I am as to why this deserved an R, so don't let that stop you.



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