Sunday Night Journal — February 4, 2007
Music of the Week — January 28, 2007

Speaking of Evolution

There's an interesting discussion about evolution going on in the comments. This is a subject that I think about a lot and have written about several times. To wit:

Great IDea What ID can and can't hope to accomplish. And why the evolutionary timeline strikes me as more of a problem for Christians than the simple-minded materialism of the Dawkins types. This post prompted a lengthy discussion on the Caelum et Terra blog, which I will track down later, and the consensus seemed to be that the "problem" is my own idiosyncrasy. It didn't seem to bother anyone else much.

Philosophy of Evolution, Science of Geology Follow-up to the previous post, explaining why I'm not a six-day creationist, although it would be nice.

Let's Get Religion Out of the Biology Textbooks Gripe about the way evolutionists are allowed to call their philosophizing "science."

Evolution: The Heart of the Catholic View Why Catholics can live with evolution-by-chance. If we have to.



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