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Music of the Week — March 25, 2007

Back When Men Were Men...

...and computers were computers, John Backus and associates developed FORTRAN, formally released in 1957. He was also the "B" in "BNF," for Backus-Naur Form, a very elegant notation for describing formal grammars (e.g. computer languages). (Not that I was ever very knowledgeable or proficient with things at that level of abstraction, but I think it's cool.)

Rest in peace.

My own involvement with computers doesn't go back nearly that far--only to the mid-'70s. Computers couldn't do nearly as much, and making them do it was harder, but to me it was more fun. Part of the appeal, I have to admit, was that of being in on a very arcane secret. But I could have contentedly spent my career writing assembly language.



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