Sunday Night Journal — March 25, 2007
Music of the Week — March 11, 2007

For ISB Fans

The discussion about the Incredible String Band got me curious about what Robin and Mike have been doing for the past twenty years or so, so I went over to AMG to look and got a big and intriguing surprise: Robin is now recording for ECM. If you don't know, ECM is very much a connoisseur's label, known for the high quality of its releases, including very elegant graphics. There are two albums, The Seed-at-Zero and Skirting the River Road. From the reviews (both very favorable), the latter sounds more interesting to me. I'll definitely have to check it out. ECM's prices are kind of high--rarely am I willing to pay $18 for a cd, but this might qualify.

Mike has only a handful of releases since the ISB days, and no bio at AMG. I'm sure Google would turn up more information. I suppose he was in some ways the lesser musical talent, but some of my favorite ISB songs, like the one that quotes Traherne, were his work.



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