Kurt Vonnegut, RIP
Sunday Night Journal — April 15, 2007

Giuliani to Pro-Lifers: Drop Dead

For those too young to remember, back in 1976 a headline on one of the New York newspapers that's not the Times (sorry, New Yorkers, I can't keep them straight) was credited with helping Gerald Ford lose the 1976 presidential election. I forget the details, although I'm sure a couple of minutes with Google would fetch them, but Ford declined to provide federal money to the city for some sort of emergency, and the headline was: FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD.

Well, here's a similar moment for Giuliani. Giuliani vs. the pro-life movement: who will prevail? I think (a) Giuliani will not be the Republican nominee but (b) if he is, it will be the sign of a major political shift, officially marginalizing the pro-life movement.

Update: Here is the full context of Giuliani's remark. It's not as belligerent as the original story presented it. Still, I think it's clear that he shouldn't get pro-life support, and that his nomination would be a serious blow to the movement's political influence, which is little enough as it is. I mean, it's simple: Democrats can already win without us. If Republicans can, too, we're out in the cold.



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