Sunday Night Journal — May 6, 2007
English is funny

Some New Links

I never look at those long, long lists of links that many blogs have--they are generally far too many to investigate, especially with no hint other than a presumption of common interests with the current blog as to what they're like. So I've avoided having such a list here, but I'm going to be adding some, up to a maximum of fifteen or so. I'm not going to try to cover the Catholic (or general Christian, or conservative, or literary, or musical) web world here--you probably don't need me to tell you where the major Catholic web sites are (looking for EWTN? hint: E. W. T. N.). These will be sites I read and that involve some specific interest of mine. Two for today: Godspy, the online magazine which I think is affiliated somehow with Communion and Liberation. It's a great magazine. I should read it more.

And Second Spring, a like-minded publication edited in the UK by Stratford Caldecott, whose name you may have seen in more well-known magazines like Touchstone, along with that of his wife LĂ©onie--see this memorable piece on the Philip Pullman books.

More to come over the next week or two.



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