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Caelum et Terra Discussion on the "60/40" Post

A Little Gift for Music Fans

I recommend that you gift-wrap it: make sure your sound is adjusted to a comfortable level for a YouTube clip, click on this link, then immediately close your eyes or turn your back. Listen for at least a minute or so before you look. This is not some kind of trick--it isn't a blood-curdling scream that's going to make you jump, or anything of that sort. If you haven't heard the song, you may be surprised at the artist's identity. (Thanks to old friend Robert for putting me on to this.)

Also, give this a look and listen. Via Julianne Wiley, it's a group of Pakistani artists singing against terrorism. According to Juli it's the number one song in Pakistan. Her comment: "My God, dear Holy Spirit, You get around..."

The other guy gets around, too, of course: sobering to think that a Taliban type would see the beautiful young woman in the group and think "we need to stone her."



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