Masters of Science Fiction, 2nd episode
The Human Condition (concise version)


I have almost completely given up reading the comments at Rod Dreher's Crunchy Con blog, which contain more sneering and ranting than I'm willing to read—more and more I am unwilling to waste even a minute of my life on such stuff. But this thread is very much worth your while. Rod asks for stories about particular moments or events that affected one's religious views. If you don't have time to read the whole thread, be sure to scroll down and read the ones by Chris (Aug. 16, 3:30pm) and two by Masha (Aug. 17, 4:47am). Says Masha (who is Russian):

...looking at that city of clouds through hand i closed eyes and imagined that when i open eyes the it will look like hand of 90 years old woman, tried to persuade myself that life will pass the same quickly as closing and opening of eyes...

It will, Masha, it will.

...the clouds will look the same, roses will smell the same and i will see the same tops of pines and birches, i thought that such beauty can't disappear and my grandfather will not disappear and perhaps we will meet after death.



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