Sunday Night Journal — August 12, 2007

Masters of Science Fiction, 2nd episode

Bah. I doubt I will bother watching again. This one was preachier than the first and had some massive lapses in logical consistency, or at least in explication. When I feel like watching another iteration of Super-Wise Super-Powerful Aliens May Save Us From Ourselves, I'll rent The Day the Earth Stood Still again. My wife liked it better than I did, because she thought the angel-like aliens were in fact angels. Maybe so. But why would angels need to be packaged in a Mysterious Substance Unknown to Man for shipment to the earth's surface? Whatever.

There was one cool thing: Cigarette Man from The X-Files (William B. Davis) played the warmongering and moreover culturally insensitive U. S. President. Nice to see you again, Cigarette Man, even though you disappointed me in X by not turning out to be a good guy.



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