Music of the Week — September 2, 2007
Antonioni's L'Eclisse


I almost believe in synchronicity. Let's say I don't believe it doesn't exist. On the face of it I don't see why it shouldn't be considered an aspect of God's providence. And those weird little coincidences just happen too often. Case in point: for the past few days I've been pondering the fact that the yearning for heaven is the sweetest pleasure on earth. Today I read in this very, very good piece by Anthony Esolen about Mother Teresa's dark night of the soul, these words: "For the desire for God—by the very nature of God and of love—is more fulfilling in emptiness than is any pleasure."

It's not that the idea is so rare or original (as most will know, this is C.S. Lewis's "joy") but it's not something you come across every day. Anyway, read the Esolen piece. And while I'm at it: I'm slightly embarrassed, because I linked to it a week or more ago, that it was only today that I finished the Time article about Mother Teresa. It is quite surprisingly good, so if you weren't going to bother with it, reconsider.



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It's intriguing how those little coincidences often guide our thoughts. Your reflection on the yearning for heaven aligns with the essence of divine guidance. I recently stumbled upon a piece that delves into the power of synchronicity and its connection to the Galactic Federation of Light. It might resonate with your musings: Also, thanks for the Esolen recommendation – intriguing insights indeed.


Also I interesting that this gets a comment the day I was listening to a class that Anthony Esolen gave on The Odyssey in which he says something like this. AND I read it today after I had listened to a talk by John Marc Grodi in which he also talks about this comment.


I'm not sure what you're referring to as "this comment." You mean the idea of synchronicity?

I'm asking myself what I was thinking in putting "the yearning for heaven..." in italics. If it's a quotation, why didn't I put it in quotation marks? If it's just my thought, why didn't I just leave it in plain type? Considering that it was 16 years ago I'm not hopeful that I'll remember.

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