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The Deadliest Plague

Avoiding Controversy for Advent

I’ve been doing a sort of experiment for...let’s see...about a week now, I think. Inspired by Janet Cupo’s plan to go mostly off-line for Advent, but not willing to go that far, I’ve given up reading a couple of blogs that maintain a pretty high level of angry argument, mostly on socio-political questions. (One of them I still look in on and skim, as it’s less relentlessly fired up, the other I haven’t seen at all for about a week now.) And I’m finding the effect beneficial. Even though I didn’t generally participate in these arguments, just reading them induces a certain level of irritation and distraction. When I catch myself about to go to one of these blogs out of habit and then stop myself, there’s a definite sense of a sort of burden being lifted.

I don’t know if I’ll go back to either of these after Christmas. It’s not healthy to disengage completely from the questions of the day, so maybe I will. But it sure is nice to take a break.



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