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The Fourth Sunday of Advent

(Photo by my wife, Karen Horton. You’re welcome to copy it for use on another site but I would appreciate your acknowledging its source. Thanks.)

Google is mysterious sometimes. I’ve noticed for a week or so now that I’m getting a lot of hits from people doing Google searches for “fourth Sunday of Advent” or variations on that phrase. I discovered that this picture is one of the first few results returned for the phrase by a Google image search. However, searching for the other Sundays of Advent doesn’t bring you here, even though I have pictures like this one for every week of Advent.



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It's not Google; it's the blog feed. It's linked to from a porn site.

Just so you know, your picture for the first week of Advent does indeed pop up in the first few hits when you search for images of "first Sunday of Advent." Thank you for the beautiful pictures and I'm enjoying poking through the rest of your blog. Peace!

No, I found your 3rd Sunday of Advent photo through google.

yes, it seems to have changed some since I did this post, which is 3 years old now.

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