No Wonder We Like Them
A Better Obama Video

A Little Rain on the Inaugural Parade

Ok, the whole country, even those of us who were not Obama supporters, is justified in feeling a warm glow about the fact that a man of mixed race has been elected to our highest office. (I find it difficult to refer to him as “black,” since he really isn’t, in either the literal or cultural senses.) And ok, his supporters have every right to rejoice and to expect great things from him. But the quasi-religious quasi-messianism surrounding this event (as it has surrounded his whole candidacy), is, to put it very mildly, not healthy; less mildly, it’s really sick. And really creepy. Witness the video below. I recognize some of these people as entertainment celebrities so I assume they all are:

“I pledge to be a servant to our president.”

If that doesn’t give you the creeps, it ought to. Liberals would be quaking with fear of fascism if people—powerful, influential people—were talking this way about a Republican president. I can only hope that Obama doesn’t take this stuff as seriously as his followers do.



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