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...reading the newspaper online in 1981. Then you'll probably want to try to forget. This comes via Will, who observes: “The caption ‘Owns Home Computer’ is the funniest part. Who knew that those Internets would become so powerful? Now we just have to figure out what all these young people with their FaceTubes and GoogleyPods are talking about.”

My first home computer was a Morrow Micro-Decision 2, purchased probably in late 1982 or early 1983. I don’t remember it looking exactly like any of these three pictures. The terminal was the one shown in the middle picture. I was thinking it had the half-height drives as shown in that pic, but I don’t recall that vent-sort-of-thing. Probably the computer itself looked like the top picture. Each of those floppy-disk drives (hard drives were still rare) held a little under 200K. For comparison, the full-size versions of the images on the site above would not have fit on them. If you find this sort of thing interesting or amusing, check out the ads and documentation linked at the bottom of the page.

And don’t laugh too hard—it was way better than a typewriter. I wrote a book on it.

And by the way, CP/M ruled vs. DOS.



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