An Ontological Intuition
Is the Obama Pledge Video Creepy?

One Cheer for Obama

For an executive order prohibiting the use of “enhanced interrogation” aka torture. See Waterboarding Is Torture...Period from a source that, to say the least, can’t be accused of being either naive or ignorant on the subject. (I’ve previously written about torture here and here.)

And one quiet sigh of relief that Wednesday has come and gone and Obama has not reversed the Mexico City Policy, as he had been expected to do, by supporters and opponents alike. I’ve been cautiously hopeful that Obama really wants to avoid alienating social conservatives. This is only one day, of course, but still, it’s slightly encouraging.

Update: Well, that didn’t last long. Disappointing, of course, but not surprising, of course. That cloud I see is a fair amount of goodwill evaporating.



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