St. Eustace and the White Stag
I Hate Death

Beyond the Overpass

UPDATE: I am definitely too distracted. This post sat here for three days reading “A few weeks ago I post something...” without my noticing it. I’d be surprised if no one else did. It’s okay to tell me if you spot something like that; in fact I’d appreciate it.

A few weeks ago I posted something about a strange pair of bumper stickers I’d seen. In the comments on that post, someone suggested the idea of writing a story filling in the background of that picture. It was further suggested that antiaphrodite might write it. In the same discussion, the practice of writing one’s girlfriend’s name on an overpass was mentioned.

Well, antiaphrodite rose to the occasion, including both topics in Beyond the Overpass:

Part One: Weather Forecast

Part Two: Tools and Stickers

Part Three: Currents

Is this what critics call a “lighthearted romp”? No?



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