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I’ve added the excellent site by that name to my links, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while. FPR is a collaborative effort on socio-political-culture themes by a group of people who describe themselves thusly:

We come from different backgrounds, live in different places, and have divergent interests, but we’re convinced that scale, place, self-government, sustainability, limits, and variety are key terms with which any fruitful debate about our corporate future must contend.

Some would call themselves conservative, or at least have in the past, some not; overall the vision is what might be called Wendell Berry conservatism, a desire to recover and renew what was good in America before our last fifty years or so of hyperactive cultural and economic dislocations. Or perhaps they could be called politically ecumenical (religiously as well—it’s not a specifically Catholic or even Christian effort, though I think Christians predominate).

Anyway, it’s very good, and as they are kind enough to link to this blog (which I suspect is currently disappointing them, as I haven’t had much to say about these things recently), I want to return the favor.



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