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A Few Amusing Things

Three things I’ve run across in the past few days:

xkcd hits the mark again. See if you recognize yourself in this. I did.

Some years ago I read a short story by Ursula LeGuin (not by any means a favorite writer of mine) which really slammed this point home. I don’t remember the name of it, but it involves a writer—a Hollywood screenwriter, maybe—who takes himself and his work very very seriously, and who has rented a cabin on the Oregon coast to work on a book or screenplay or something. At first the point of view is his, and it’s all about his superior insight, sensitivity, and importance. He briefly notes the existence of a lowly person, a cleaning woman I think, and reflects on the fact that her inner life must be pretty empty and insignificant compared to his. And then—if I have the sequence correct—the story shifts to her point of view. Sorry I can’t remember the name; it’s worth reading. I can say it’s the only unforgettable thing I’ve ever read by LeGuin.

Surfin’ Su-o-mi (cf. the Beach Boys “Surfin’ USA”). “Suomi” is what the Finns call Finland. If you’re in a hot climate, like I am, you may actually find this slightly appealing. Slightly.

Some unintended consequences of Vatican II, observed by Thomas Peters at American Papist. I know that sounds like a familiar, possibly tired, topic. But I doubt you’ve considered this particular thing.



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