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My Fourth of July Tradition

Can something be a tradition if you’ve only done it once? Last year my wife and I went to a family gathering at her sister’s house, and it was extremely pleasant. But my sister-in-law is not having that gathering this weekend. What I plan to do is what I did two years ago, and I hope to make it a tradition.

I’m going to take it easy—a bout of tendinitis in one elbow (not part of the tradition) gives me a reason to neglect the yard work—and drink a little beer and watch a few episodes of The Twilight Zone. On the 4th I will go down to the bay and watch the fireworks that will be launched from the end of the Fairhope Municipal Pier, maybe a third of a mile or so away.

The SciFi Channel’s TZ marathons around July 4 and New Year’s Day are among the few things that make having cable worthwhile, now that my wife and I have gotten thoroughly sick of all the news channels and stopped watching them.

Another tradition, now of several years standing, is that my wife gets me a six-pack of Guinness Extra Stout for Father’s Day. I still have three bottles left.

This picture of the pier was most likely taken on July 4. I can tell because of all the boats anchored out in the bay, where they’ll get a good view of the fireworks.

Or maybe it’s some other holiday; some of these boats are a little too close for safety.



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