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Satsuma Time

You may think this is an ordinary orange, or perhaps a tangerine. But it is in fact something greater than either of those. It is a satsuma.

I love oranges and grapefruit and citrus fruits in general, but since I moved to the Gulf Coast the satsuma has become the queen of my heart, or at least that portion of it devoted to fruit. It is sweet, piquant, easy to peel, modest in its production of seeds. Capping this greatness is the fact that it flourishes here and can be bought at roadside stands, not long off the tree. They’re in season now and I will eat a great many of them between now and the end of December or so. We planted a couple of satsuma trees last year but they don’t seem to be doing very well so far. Maybe next spring they’ll get established.

Those Catholics inclined to be suspicious of the Jesuits should remember that they brought the satsuma to this country from Japan.


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