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Driver, where you taking us?


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Mac, I wrote about the Betty Carter performance of this song about a year ago. You *must* listen and tell me what you think.


That's really impressive, though on the basis of one hearing I like Ella's better. Carter really takes the song apart and makes her own thing of it. It's a really good thing but I have more sense of the song in Ella's version.

And p.s.: the post itself is great. Oddly enough, given my temperament, I don't generally react to spring in a melancholy way.

Thanks, Mac. Spring has come to Appalachia with a vengeance and already I'm feeling like a horse that never left the post.

I really love the Betty Carter version. It is very abstract, almost dry, but for that very reason I think it's incredibly moving -- the kind of emotional restraint she uses (like Mozart) makes the emotions, for me, more poignant.

I just realized that the link on my site is to a later live version of the song, not the more restrained 1964 performance. I'll send you an mp3.

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