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Pink Floyd: Grantchester Meadows

Well. Here we are.

As is so often the case with anything involving computers, this process has taken much longer than expected. And even now, only posts going back to mid-January or so have been converted. The reason for that is...well, never mind, you don't care about the details. Suffice to say that there is a limit, a fairly small limit, on the amount of data I can get out of Blogger and into TypePad in one operation. And to work backward through the old blog to retrieve all posts is going to be a somewhat lengthy process, one in which I'll probably be engaged occasionally throughout the next week or two.

Because I lost the ability to publish to much sooner than planned (long story), I've had to continually scale back my plans for what I had hoped to have in place for this initial launch. For instance, this is a stock template. I'd like to change some things--colors, for instance. But that's going to take a bit of time and effort, and I don't want the blog to be inactive for that long.

What do you think of this basic design? There were several candidates, one of which looked somewhat like the old blog, but in a pastel green which I didn't like and couldn't modify quickly. Some of the others were attractive but used a small sans-serif typeface which I don't find as readable as this. Again, I could change that, but not immediately.

My only reservation about this layout is the width of the text column. To me it seems a bit wide for comfort--the lines are a little too long. What do you think?

Another thing I haven't done is think of something important to say or show in this first post. Oh well. Maybe a rush job is really more appropriate. A little late, in a hurry, worried that I've forgotten something, sure I didn't do it as well as I should have--it's just like the rest of my life. So, welcome.

Oh, and by the way: the old comments are here, or should be. When you see, at the end of a post but still in the body, something like "Comments(10)", that's a link to the Echo comments on that post.

And perhaps most important of all, Janet's Undead Threads should make the transition. You'll notice I don't have a lot of other stuff, like the links sidebar. Later...


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*Take 2*

Knock knock.

Congratulations! Ok, now I'm going to do what I thought of after your earlier knock:

Who's there?


Anti who?

anticipating a much better blog

LOL!!! Srsly!!!

And now I'm off to Mass (don't usually go on Saturday, but stuff going on tomorrow).

Take care and God bless :-)

*thinks: Yes!! I can jump on the couch for hours!*

Good job. I like the design -- it's clean, crisp, and I think easy to read. And it's especially cool that the comments now say which post they're related to.

Congratulations. I hope the rest of the transition goes more smoothly than what you have done so far. I like being able to scroll through older posts on the top inside of having to scroll down.

I think that you are correct about the lines being too long. Also, there is no margin at all on the left side of my screen, and I have to scroll to see the whole sidebar. I can live with this if necessary. I'm not complaining; I'm just conveying information

Sorry if this shows up twice. I wrote it before but I think I deleted it.



Hmm, that didn't occur to me. I guess this design is part of the trend toward screens that are wider than they are tall, especially laptops. This looks fine on my screen, but if I scrunch the browser window horizontally I see what you're probably seeing. Well, I consider (like most people) horizontal scrolling to be pretty much intolerable, so I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can trim the text column.

I'm glad you like it, Marianne.

And I'm laughing at anti jumping on the couch.

And by the way, Janet, your smiling face does appear, if that's what you were testing.

Well, the problem is that I imported it from FB and if a picture has enough pixels to look ok in your profile, it gets odd when it gets small enough to use here. I wonder if there's a way to just put a picture there. Haven't had time to look yet.


It doesn't look odd to me.

The eyes look like they are different sizes. I looks that way in comments on FB, too. But, now I see that it's not showing up. It was supposed to be permanently linked.


Let's try this.

OK, what about this.

I just noticed that I had never switched the blog's time zone, which was set for Pacific Time, to Central. So combined with DST that should make today's timestamps pretty confusing.

Looks at least tolerable to me and sounds like your tweaks will help. Horizontal scrolling is very aggravating, but I didn't need to do that.

I take it that Janet's Undeads "should make it" but haven't done so yet. I didn't see the links.

I think I like the Recent Comments better here. For one thing, you can see more of them; for another, I think it more helpful to see the name of the thread than the beginning of the comment, although I might think differently about that after awhile.


Right, Dave--you'll notice there are no external links at all right now. I'll move them over before too long. Still lots to do.

I definitely prefer having post name rather than a comment excerpt, if I can't have both.

I have finally caught up with you at this new address, Mac. These last few weeks have been pretty crazy in real life. (Has anybody else ever bought a house? It is awfully time consuming.)

Anyway, this new site looks good to me, and I've added it to my RSS feed. Congratulations on a laborious, but finally successful, transition.

Thanks! I've been so busy with this transition that I haven't been reading other blogs as much, so have gotten behind on yours, too.

My switch is only complete in the sense that this IS the blog now--I'm still transferring archives. I'm pretty happy with TypePad, though I probably would have been ok with WordPress, too. After my recent experiences with HaloScan and Blogger I was feeling extremely leery of free services.

Nothing much has been going on at my blog. Too busy.

I live in hope that Wordpress will last forever. Being a former graduate student, I am leery of any service that is not free!

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