Bergman Island
Arvo Pärt: De Profundis


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Me too! Or the Shetland Islands.

See Maclin, it's already getting too crowded for you.


Oh well, I guess I'll have buy Bergman's house, to make sure I have enough room to keep the riffraff at a distance.

By the way, in case you're wondering, Fårö seems to be pronounced something like "furoo," with accent on the 2nd syllable.

After five years on Gotland my sister and her husband have decided to sell their farm and go and teach at an Anglican school in Kenya. I'm not sure how much the climate has to do with the decision.

How much do they want for their farm?

Whatever Mac bids, I'll bid $1 higher.

That's evil.

I think that Craig would probably adjust to the weather much better than a Southern boy.


I'll make enquiries.

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