Speaking of health care reform...
A Rumor of the Word


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Well maybe the latter can be broken into two groups, also. One wishes to be the guy because he likes speed and other wishes he would get himself killed.


Goodness. I thought I was dark.

It's probably your influence.


Actually, there are probably two groups in the first group, also. One says, "He's going to get himself killed. I hope he doesn't." The other says, "He's going to get himself killed, and I hope he gets what he deserves."


I don't think that latter thought unless they've done something to me. Like tailgate and flash their lights when I'm already speeding to pass somebody.

Where my wife works (that is, at the hospital) they call motorcycles "donor cycles".

I don't know whether to laugh at that or not... Last time I had a bike, which was...hmm, almost 30 years ago...a cousin who's a nurse expressed a similar opinion, though without the black humor.

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