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You know, this place is real nice, but it just doesn't feel very homey. Do y'all agree? Maybe this weekend I'll have some time to do some painting and minor remodeling.

I see posts don't have to have a title. I did this one with their quick post option--just type a bit and click 'publish'. This will be handy at times.


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No, not homey and I miss the little moon over the water--Can you get that back?


It took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about--you mean the *little* moon over the water, the one that appears in the browser tab? I don't think that appeared on the old blog, just the non-blog pages. Or at least it hadn't for a while, because I remember thinking I needed to see if I could use it there. Anyway, yes, I can bring that back--it's a thing called "favicon.ico" and TP allows you to have one. I was thinking I would like to do a better one.

By the way, you're supposed to be able to use simple html (for italics etc.) in these comments, but it seems to be ignored.

Seems to me like it used to be on the blog and then not, but it's still on your homepage, or, at least, it's on the menu in my bookmarks.


Yes, I think it was on the blog at one time. I don't know what happened to it. Something I did inadvertently, I suppose.

Anybody who reads this and cares: tell me which favicon you think is better, the one you (should) see here, or the one at

When I went looking for it on my computer I found these two versions and I'm not sure which I prefer. Actually I'm not wild about either.

Don't see it.

Oh, yes it do. I like the other one.


"other" meaning the one at

Also, Janet, do you still have to scroll horizontally? I made the total column width 800 pixels, which ought to fit-able unless you're using a really low-res monitor (I think 640 was the standard about 15 years ago :-).

Yes, that is the one I meant.

No, I don't have to scroll. The left side is still flush with the side of the screen, but there is a margin on the right. This offends my sense of balance, but then, it probably doesn't look that way for anyone else, and it doesn't really bother me--just looks odd. I only mention it in case anybody else sees it that way.


Do you not have any room on your screen to drag the right side of the browser further to the right? The left margin will open up at some point if you do that (if you can). It looks like you have to have more than 800 pixels in width to get the left side of the text off the left edge of the browser window. Do you have a CRT monitor? If so you might be able to change the resolution, but in that case things may be too small.

Well, I think there's still some object on the page that's > 800 pixels, because dragging the right browser border to the left wants to leave some white space even at the expense of horizontal scrolling--i.e. there is something in the window that won't shrink down to 800. I'll look....

Yes, I have a CRT monitor. I changed the resolution to 1000+something--I cannot even remember the exact number for 15 seconds. That made everything tiny, but I hit control and rolled the scroll thingy which made it a bit bigger and oh--wait

OK, it occurred to me that I could do that in the other direction. Now it's good--margin on both sides and maybe too much on the right.

I feel fairly selfish even mentioning all this when I'm probably the only person with this ancient set-up.


Possibly, but considering that you probably read it about 10 times more than the average visitor, I want to make you happy. :-)

The unpredictability of the visual environment is one of the big problems in web design, apparently.

I mean, possibly you're the only one, not possibly you're selfish. That's impossible. :-)

I'll have to make sure that Bill doesn't see that because he might laugh himself into a heart attack.

Anyway, I'm glad to see the little moon. It makes me feel more at home.


Oh hello little moon.

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