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A Little Spring Color


I've been using a different computer for looking at pictures etc., a laptop which my daughter passed on to me when we bought her a new one. And I'm forced to recognize once again how very different colors can be from one machine to the next. When I looked at this picture last night, it looked pretty bad--the colors were thin and dry and washed-out. But I brought it to work with me to see how it would look on my work computer, and it's quite nice.

So I don't know what y'all are seeing. What I hope you're seeing is the beautiful bright green of new cypress growth, one of my favorite sights in spring. This is the cypress that grows beside our patio. Every fall and winter I get annoyed with it, because it drops huge quantities of needles and seeds, so much that if I didn't clean them up every week or two they would be several inches thick on the patio. That wouldn't be so bad except that the patio is where our dogs hang out, and both needles and seeds (which are something like the individual "petals" of a pine cone) stick to the dogs and then fall off inside. The seeds are especially annoying because when you step on them they exude a thick resin that's very difficult to remove from whatever it touches (though I have to admit it does smell wonderful).

But every spring I forgive the tree for all that.


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Beautiful bright green!! Totally.

It's beautiful here. Even before I read your post, I was thinking that it was the perfect spring color.


Excellent! But I guess this means I have to bring pictures to work and look at them here before posting them. Well, I'll tinker with the color settings on the laptop.

It's nice to have a picture. I realize I've been missing pictures.


I have been, too, and I did realize it, but just haven't had time to fool with them.

That is really a happy-making picture. It looks good on my home computer, too.


Beautiful, bright green!

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