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Divine Mercy Sunday

Big Bam Boo: “Shooting From My Heart”

Weekend Music

I never really saw MTV very often in its heyday back in the 1980s, but somehow or other I happened to see this video a couple of times. The first time I thought that's pretty good. The second time I thought wow, that's great. On the strength of this song, I bought the LP, most of which is quite good, though this remained my favorite track. I hadn't listened to it for some time, but the album showed up on eMusic the other day, which caused me to look for the song on YouTube, not really expecting to find it, but there it was. I think I like the song even better now, and I like the video, too. The themes of departure, loss, and memory resonate very strongly with me. It really needs to be heard at fairly high volume.


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I like this.

So do I. :-)

So do I. :-)

I see you like it twice as much as I do.


Hmm, I don't know how that happened. It was before I drank the beer.

Though I think the chances are fair that I do like it twice as much.:-)

I particularly like the refrain.


Very strange -- I listened to a HUGE amount of this type of stuff in the 80's but must admit that I've never heard this before. The name of the band vaguely rings a bell, but that's about it. Odd!

I guess that makes it even odder that I did hear it, twice, because I didn't listen to that much new pop music then. Most of what I heard was what a couple of friends supplied me on mixtapes.

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