Here's a little Rorschach-y test for you
Something beautiful to look at on a Sunday afternoon

Explosions In the Sky: “Your Hand in Mine”

Weekend Music

The album from which this song is taken, The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place, totally rules, though it may not sound like much if you're not hearing it at decent volume through decent speakers or headphones. And this amateur video is good, and appropriate, and, I should warn you, possibly a bit of a tear-jerker.


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Another lovely song! Thank you for posting this, Sir :-)

You're welcome. And don't you like the title of the album? (and the song, too)

I like the juxtaposition of the two.


"And don't you like the title of the album?"

It depends on my mood, I guess :-)

That goes for the title of the song too.

You mean sometimes it *does* seem like a cold dead place?

Sometimes it feels like it's not entirely not a cold dead place :-)

I can relate...

I kind of thought so :-)

But one must try not to give in to that feeling. I think that's one reason I like the title: I hear it as a defiance of scientific materialism.


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