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When I click on this, I see a pale blue rectangle with a red seal on the right side, and a little green rectangle. I feel sure that you could take a picture this good. :-)


That's odd, the link works for me. I guess you need a better monitor. :-)

What happens if you click here?:

Same thing. I'll try at home.


Very strange.

I tried another computer and could see the picture--looks very Hortonian--but there wasn't a "view larger" button.


Well, I guess that's less weird. At the lower left corner of the picture there's a thingie like a magnifying glass with a plus sign in it, and directly to the right of that, the words "View Larger". At least in Firefox 3.6.2 and IE 7.0. Very strange....

Anybody else unable to see this? (it's the page for an album at

Well, no little magnifying glass on the computer at work, at the public library, or at home. I put the picture in MS Picture Manager, which has a nice zoom on it, though. The larger it gets, the more it reveals. I think Blow-up would have been a pretty fast movie nowadays. :-)

I love fog and I love lights in the trees at night, so, of course, I like the picture. There is a tree on the way home with a light in it that I'm always wanting to photograph, but I'm always too tired to stop.


That's downright bizarre, Janet.

Which part?

And I wish somebody else would say whether they can see the little magnifying glass or not, because maybe I'm not the bizarre one. ;-)


Just the whole fact that this stuff, which appears on every album page on eMusic, is somehow invisible to you. When I get a chance I'll make a screen shot.

Maybe it's something that you only see if you sign up.


I was about to say no, because I see the same thing whether I'm signed in to emu or not. But then I tried pasting the URL above into a browser with which I've never visited the site, and I get a different view. The image is there but smaller, and no larger available. Do you see a bar above the album listing that says, left to right, "45 Free Songs," "How it Works", "Browse Music," and "Why Join?"? No doubt the reason I see what I expect when I'm not logged in is that there are cookies in the other browser telling it I'm a member.

This is a recent change. It hasn't always worked this way. Good to know.

I thought you would be amazed at what a genius I am for figuring this out.


Wouldn't you rather I reserve "genius" for another and more spectacular accomplishment on your part? Not that this one wasn't smart and all....

Janet must be right. I'm not a member and I don't get the "view larger" button either, but I do get the 45 free songs offer.

And the picture is wonderful, even small. The longer I look at it, the more the tree seems to emerge from the fog.

I should've done this before: here's a direct link to the larger version of the image. Of course I could just post the image here but that wouldn't be very nice.

You are a jewel among women. I did not want to be bizarre all by myself.


You have taken pictures this good, and better.


Thank you very much, but I don't think I can agree.

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