Going Away for a Couple of Days

Latest oil spill news

This is really bad. Fairly stiff south wind. Possibility of rain tonight and tomorrow--I don't know what the effect of that would be. Reportedly oil is already contacting that marshy peninsula where Louisiana doesn't so much have a coast as blend slowly into the sea. It won't get to the Alabama coast for another day or so but it seems inevitable that it will; the question is just how much.

Satellite photo.

News story.

Update: Large impressive photos

Update 2: The weather is making things worse.


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I can't even make myself read this.


Well, it's not "gruesome" in the sense of describing the harm done, but it's pretty discouraging.

I really want to know what went wrong, and of course whether BP & Transocean were negligent. I'm worried that we may never know.

In the worry over the spill, people are forgetting that 11 people died in the initial event.

Burning it off might be an option, though one with its own issues, but the oil coating might be too thin to burn successfully.


One expert is faulting...whoever...for not having tried that earlier. Besides the thinness, the more volatile flammable components tend to evaporate.

Your link is a link to Conversion Diary and I don't see any pictures.


No it isn't.


Thanks. That was Karen's fault--I was sending her the conversion diary link at the same time she was sending me the oil spill link. :-)

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