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Flannery O'Connor, from Inside Catholic's Flannery Friday:

I guess what you say about suffering being a shared experience with Christ is true, but then it should also be true of every experience that is not sinful. I meant that say, joy, may be a redemptive experience itself and not just the fruit of one. Perhaps however joy is the outgrowth of suffering in a special way.



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Where's the perhaps--that joy can be redemptive--that it's the outgrowth of suffering in a special way.


Should have been a question mark there.


I guess if there's a "perhaps" it's whether it has to be that way. I mean, can you get there without going through suffering? In small and short-lived ways, I guess so.

Oh, now I see that the "perhaps" is hers and not yours. Busy day--more unobservant that usual. I'm thinking that she doesn't mean that joy is ONLY the outgrowth of suffering, but that when it is, it's special--before that word had so much negative baggage.


Yeah, that's more or less what I thought she meant, too.

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